Red Gloss Keepsake Urn (set of 4)
Red Gloss Keepsake Urn (set of 4)
Red Gloss Keepsake Urn (set of 4)
Red Gloss Keepsake Urn (set of 4)

Red Gloss Keepsake Urn (set of 4)

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Treasure your beloved throughout time with Well Lived™ beautiful and exquisitely crafted set of 4 keepsake urns. Keepsake urns are a small sized urn holding about 3 tablespoons of ashes, used for sharing ashes among family members or friends. Using traditional brass materials combine with modern design, families are now able to express the unique individuality and personality of those whom they have cherished most. Our threaded lid will hold the ashes securely in the urn. Well Live™ Hand Made Brass Urn was designed in the US to help families treasure their loved ones in a memorable way.  


  • Made with 100% Brass 
  • Velvet Display Box Included
  • Threaded, Airtight Screw-On Lid.  


Keepsake Urn (set of 4) 


2.5" High x 1.5" Diameter 


3 Cubic Inches (Room for 3 Tablespoons) 


0.4 lbs.  


100% Solid Brass  


Here at Well Lived™ we continually strive to help our clients find comfort, relief, and a sense of peace during extraordinarily difficult times. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concern regarding our products, special orders, or how we may possibly be of service to you in the future. Our deepest condolences and our very warmest wishes to all of you.