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Well Lived™ is the leading company in spreading the ashes of loved ones in the most beautiful locations all around the world. 
Our mission is to help our clients navigate laws, regulations, and logistics in order to facilitate beautiful ceremonies in awe-inspiring destinations. We are respectful of and committed to each of our clients’ vision and particular needs. And we are so very grateful to be a part of each and every individual journey. 
Well Lived™ started with a story and became a dream. That dream has now come to fruition, and our experiences helping people memorialize their loved ones in this deeply personal way has been more fulfilling than we could have imagined. Our team is here to help you along the way to carry out your wishes. 
People often ask how this unique concept for a company began. And as with most great things in life, it all started with a love story..
Well Lived™ was born one evening at a wedding. While celebrating their commitment to a life together, we found ourselves sitting next to a woman who was in attendance all alone. We introduced ourselves and a captivating conversation began almost immediately. Jodi was a joyful and spunky older lady-it was obvious that she had never met a stranger. Sadly, she had lost her husband two years prior; a man whom she referred to as “the great love of her life.” She told us about their passion for travel and how they had explored 40 different countries during their lifetime together.
At first, we felt badly and began expressing sorrow for her loss..but she quickly dismissed our condolences. She leaned in, and with sparkling eyes told us that she is STILL traveling with her beloved husband. Obviously, we were a bit taken aback until she explained the pilgrimage she was on at the time. 
Jodi had made a vow to re-visit the 40 countries she had traveled to with her husband in order to leave some of his ashes in each location. She glowed as she recounted sneaking his ashes onto planes, trains, and through the entrances of some of the world’s grandest sites.
Jodi’s story touched us deeply and we talked excitedly the entire way home. Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone had the opportunity to rest in incredible places all around the world? 
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